TAAE: sound clicking.

Hi there.
I am trying to create simple drum machine with TAAE.
I took the code from Sample project from onShotAudioUnitPlayButtonPressed _ function, where sound is played using _SheduledAudioFileRegion.
And I am facing a problem: when I tap too fast to play the sound, there is a clicking noise when previous playback is interruped.
Is there some useful technique to prevent this clicking sound?

P.S. I also looked on TAAE2.
When I tap the button I call [sound stop] and [sound playAtTime:0] every time there are also click noises.
sound variable is an instance of AEAudioFilePlayerModule.
I tried to set up microfadeFrames property, but with no desired result. On fast tapping there are also clicks or some taps volume is reduced.

Please help :)


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    Hi Jango - if you're wanting to build a drum machine/sampler/etc, then the built-in TAAE stuff is the wrong tool for the job. You'll want to use an AUSampler or something that's designed for it. I'd suggest taking a good look at an alternative framework first, though, like AudioKit for example, to make sure it doesn't already do what you want.

    Like this: http://audiokit.io/playgrounds/Sampler Instrument - EXS24/

  • Got it :) I'll dig in that direction.
    Thanks Michael.

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