TAAE (1) xcode 7.3.1 simulator no sound

Sorry if this is a blindingly obvious error by me, but yesterday I updated to xcode 7.3.1 and wanted to do an update for one of my old apps that uses TAAE. When I compile to my devices (iPad/mini/iPhone blah blah) all fine and dandy, but when I compile to the simulator there's no sound. Both IOS 9.3

I've tried my other apps that don't use TAAE and they play sound in the simulator no worries, so I re-downloaded TheAmazingAudioEngine master files and when I compile them to the simulator they also don't play sound.

I've had this app with the same setup for years (except for a little futzing I did with an iPad Air issue at the beginning of this year), so I'm inclined to think perhaps it's a simulator glitch.

Has anyone else encountered this? Or give any advice?

Cheers in advance.


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