Detect BPM

I need a mechanism that can detect the tempo of a musical audio file.
I have seen a few code samples around on the web. They are all in C, rather than Objective-C, a language that I'm used to. I understand that that is something that can't be avoided when dealing with audio.
Would TAAE be something I would use for that? Or is it overkill? If so, could someone provide me with some sample code?
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  • BPM detection is a fairly tricky thing to get right. If you're not intimately familiar with DSP tasks like correlation and such, I'd suggest just finding or buying a library that does it, assuming it performs well enough. FYI, I don't personally have the skills to develop something like this, not having a strong DSP background.

    I noticed that the developer of the Rubber Band time stretching library also has a BPM detection utility which I was eyeing. No idea how good it is, but it's open source so it can be evaluated quite easily.

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