Custom Audio Controller vs AEAudioController

Hi! I'm still very new to the AAE2 ( Love it btw, cheers Mike :) ) but I was wondering what the benefits of making a custom Audio Controller vs the Engine's AEAudioController are. I have had a run through the sample app built in the video and only realised afterwards that there is already an AudioController class in the library.

Can the AEAudioController class perform the same actions/ be used in the same way as the sample app (i.e. pass block to renderer, add managed variables, etc)?

Thanks in advance


  • Cheers, @Connorrr =)

    Actually, there isn't an AEAudioController class in TAAE2 - it used to be the primary class of TAAE1, but TAAE2's a lot more modular now. The reason I added an AEAudioController in the sample app of TAAE2 is because it has to be in Objective-C, and it's a Swift project, and it made sense to put all the audio stuff in one class.

  • Thanks @Michael just realised I was looking at the old library.

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