Four common mistakes in audio development, an article

This is a discussion of four common mistakes that audio developers make, how to do better, and how to detect whether there’s a problem. It’s written primarily for developers, but should be accessible to non-developers too. I introduce Realtime Watchdog, a diagnostic tool for developers, and provide a brief survey of popular audio libraries.


  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for this! I'm still trying to wrap my head around working on the audio thread. You don't recommend running objective-c code on the audio thread because of the locking that happens under the hood - is it still possible to take advantage of the sample-level accurate scheduling system in conjunction with the AAE objects? Is the only way to do this to jump back onto the main thread using c callbacks? (Can't imagine that's recommended). I'm new to low-level audio, so maybe I'm not approaching things quite right.



  • Hey @cgmaier - what do you mean sample-level accurate scheduling system, in this context?

  • Hey @Michael thanks for your reply. For a while I thought that in order to play/record at precise intervals, timing logic needed to be on the audio thread, so I was confused about how to access the AAE objects (AEAudioFilePlayer / AEAudioFileRecorder etc) in that context without potentially preempting the audio thread. My questions seems silly now that I've been working with AAE2, so we're all clear !

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