Could I get an explanation of Subrenderer vs renderer?

edited June 2016

I'm a little confused with the need for a subrenderer. While I now have working code, I got holy confused when implementing AENewTimePitchModule. I had just done an implementation of AEDynamicsProcessorModule and all went well, but I found AENewTimePitchModule needs to use a subrenderer, so the setup and usage is all different. I've switched my fileplayer to use the subrenderer, and it all works, but it seems like I might code myself into a corner with this.

So, while I do have it working, why does AENewTimePitchModule and the Varispeed module require the use of the subrenderer.. is it because they could change the time line of the output? (Does that mean, for instance, that you couldn't use AENewTimePitchModule on an input?)

Thanks so much for any clarification. The header files don't really specify much in this regard.


  • Oh, it looks like you've done my work for me, @everlasting1 =) Your guess is absolutely correct: these units need a subrenderer because they need to be able to change the number of frames they get on their input. So they need to drive a separate renderer which has its own frame count.

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