Utilities like playingThroughDeviceSpeaker

I see that you rolled your own function in the TAAE2 sample app for something similar to TAAE's playingThroughDeviceSpeaker. Do you have a roadmap for things like this? I'm converting a TAAE app to TAAE2 and am running into things like this and I wonder if I should just make my own or wait? You seem to be making progress quite fast! :)


  • I guess I'm actually referring to AEAudioControllerSessionRouteChangeNotification.

  • At this stage (although it's not set in stone) I'm leaning away from doing too much wrapping of AVAudioSession, just because it's already quite a functional API and adding code to wrap it in TAAE2 increases its maintenance burden. So, I think probably not at this stage; better to roll your own.

    With that said, as we speak I'm adding an IOBufferDuration property to AEIOAudioUnit/AEAudioUnitOutput which works on both iOS and the Mac, because those underlying APIs are quite different, so there may be more facilities like that which get added down the line to simplify common tasks cross-platform.

  • Makes sense Michael, thanks.

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