[TAAE2] AENewTimePitchModule problem


Could you help me please with AENewTimePitchModule. It seems not working or maybe I am doing something wrong.

I created a pitch module instance.

AENewTimePitchModule *pitchModule = [[AENewTimePitchModule alloc] initWithRenderer:renderer];

Set up pitch value

[pitchModule setPitch:1200.0]; 

Code in render block.

renderer.block = ^(const AERenderContext * context){        

        AEModuleProcess(sound, context);
        AEModuleProcess(pitchModule, context);
        AEBufferStackMixToBufferListChannels(context->stack, 1, (AEChannelSet) {0}, context->output);


self.output = [[ AEAudioUnitOutput alloc] initWithRenderer:renderer];

But I don't hear any changes to the original sound.
Similar code with AEBandpassModule works fine. Is there something that I missed?

Thanks in advance.


  • Yes indeed: the TimePitch module is slightly unusual because the amount of input can be different to the amount of output. Take a look at the TAAE sample app for how to handle this; basically, you gotta make a subrenderer and give that to the pitch module. Then in that subrenderer you run the generator modules that're the input to the pitch module.

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