Problem AVAudioSession Interruption: No audio

edited May 2016

Well, I have a problem with the Amazing Audio Engine 2, when there is an AVAudioSession Interruption (e.g. : A Phone call), then when i come back on the app, the audio on the app doesn't work anymore. Any Idea ?

The problem does appear on TAAE2 samples.


  • Are you registering interruption event handlers to resume audio playback?

  • Yes, but it seems that the AudioSession is not working, check on the TAAE2 sample by simulating a phone call when you are playing a track

  • D'oh. Yep, that's totally my bad. I completely forgot to add an interruption handler - bad, bad me. Grab latest version, it's in there now.

  • Thank's a lot !

  • Thanks for informing me of my stupidity ;-)

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