TAAE2 - Help with simple problem

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Hello I been stuck for days with this.
I have Audiocontroller.m where I have the renderer and the clap initialized. I want to be able to play [clap playAtTime(0)] from another file .m How to do this?

I was able to play it from the viewcontroller in swift AEAudiocontroller?.clap.playAtTime(0) but I dont know how to do it in another objective c file
I was able to execute " [_clap playAtTime:0];" but I don't hear anything
Thank you


  • From Objective-C: [self.audioController.clip playAtTime:0];

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    I still dont hear anything. I'm trying to call from a class and it doesn't let me "no known class method"

                    [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(startLoop:) toTarget:[sequencerController class] withObject:nil];
        @property(nonatomic,assign) AEAudioController *AEAudioController;
                //this is in sequencerController class
                +(void) startLoop:(id)param {
                        [self.AEAudioController.clap playAtTime:0];

    Thank you!

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    Do I need to inlclude #import <TheAmazingAudioEngine/TheAmazingAudioEngine.h> in other .m fileS?
    Do I need to edit the Appdelegate.swift?

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