AVAudioSessionRouteChangeNotification not called for USBmic plug/unplug

Looking for help in detecting when a USB microphone is plugged/unplugged on lightning port.

I am able to see the USB mic when queried using availableInputs, but plug/unplug of device (Shure MV88) does not cause a RouteChangeNotification. Is this possible for USB mics or is there another option for detecting?



  • Whoa! Are you absolutely certain? Can you verify that when plugging headphones you do indeed see a route change?

  • Mmm, seems to be working today. Nevermind, but thanks for responding.

  • More testing today showed me that either my iPod Touch's lightning port or the Shure MV88's adapter are slightly loose or off. A slight "wiggle" on insert would register notification.

  • Ouch! That's lovely.

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