-[AEAudioController start:] isn't always called when first connected to Audiobus in background

It seems there's a race condition in -[AEAudioController audiobusConnectionsChanged:] where self.running is returning YES even though the engine hasn't started, and start: is never called. I'm not quite sure why it's happening, but is it possible that the Inter-App Audio connection is starting the ioUnit?

I first noticed the problem when the AEMessageQueue filled up and started emitting errors, this was because the polling thread was never started.

@Michael, is it as simple as changing the check from !self.running to !_started in audiobusConnectionsChanged:?


  • Ah! Yes, I think your diagnosis is correct - looks like the unit's being started. I do believe changing it to !_started should work. Let me know how it goes, and I'll make the change (or send me a pull request, either way)

  • edited April 2016

    It seems to be working. I've submitted a PR (#239)

  • Lovely, thank you! Merged.

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