TAAE: Warning: render took too long (0.003003s, 51.74% of budget). Always less than 100%

If I'm getting these warnings in my log and they're always under 100%; they're usually around 50% like the one in the title. Can I ignore them? TAAE is set up with this: TAAE: Buffer duration 0.0058, 256 frames in my case. I'm also not hearing any affect in the output audio. I know about not making any Obj C calls on the real time thread. I'm using standard TAAE channels and filters. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ideally, you'd try to optimise a bit more; the warning goes off at the 50% point, which means beyond that you're eating into your headroom. It's good practice to leave at least 50% headroom, because otherwise if the device is congested (i.e. it might be checking email in the background, or there may be other audio apps doing stuff), then your app is more likely to glitch.

    It's a risk/reward calculation that's up to you, though; if you truly can't achieve more optimal operation than you've currently got, or if achieving more optimality has a high cost, then you could quite reasonably choose to just ignore the warnings. But the cost is that your users are more likely to hear clicks and pops.

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