is it possible to create an filtered audio file without playing local audio file?

i'm really newbie audio developer.

i learn how to apply filter with an audio file, which is playing, record input/output from TAAE sample code. thanks!!

but i have wonder, is there a way to apply filter and recording an audio file without playing?

i mean, i have an audio file in local, and i want to create new audio file, which is applied filter without playing local audio file.

why i think about this is..

if i want to apply filter with 4 minutes audio, i have to wait 4 minutes!! (until 4 minutes audio finish playing).

i think that's too bad :(

i saw TAAE documentation and forum all day, but i didn't found how can i approach to solve my wonder.

and sorry, i don't have any my sample code for solving this problem.

because i have no idea how i start to solve it.. i'm really newbie.. :(

what should i learn to solve my question using TAAE??

please give me a hint or show me some sample codes for solving my wonder.

Appreciate any ideas. thanks.

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