Export audio filters in file

I have some effects applied on a channel with the Amazing Audio Engine and I want to export it to the photo library.
How can I do that ? With an AEAudioFileWriter ? How can I use it ? I don't understand how it works.


  • Here's where I am with my code :

    let numberOfSamples = 4096;
    var list = AEAudioBufferListCreate(appDelegate.audioController.inputAudioDescription, Int32(numberOfSamples))
    let fileWriter = AEAudioFileWriter(audioDescription: appDelegate.audioController.inputAudioDescription)
    fileWriter.beginWritingToFileAtPath(self._audioOutputURL!.path, fileType: AudioFileTypeID(kAudioFileAIFFType), error: nil)
    AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio(fileWriter, list, UInt32(numberOfSamples))
    let audio = AVAsset.assetWithURL(NSURL(string: fileWriter.path)) as! AVAsset
    for anyObject in audio.tracks {
         if let track = anyObject as? AVAssetTrack {
             var error: NSError?
             let mutableCompositionTrack: AVMutableCompositionTrack
             mutableCompositionTrack = mutableComposition.addMutableTrackWithMediaType(AVMediaTypeAudio, preferredTrackID: Int32(kCMPersistentTrackID_Invalid))
            mutableCompositionTrack.insertTimeRange(CMTimeRange(start: kCMTimeZero, duration: track.timeRange.duration), ofTrack: track, atTime: kCMTimeZero, error: &error)

    But when I play the file, the audio is not present...

  • I didn't found a solution to my problem sadly... :/

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